Show Prep – One Week Out Of The Show!

The week of the show is here. What do you do? Do not worry; the following suggestions will help you prepare for the day you have trained so hard for. Always remember that dedication and discipline will help you achieve anything in life. Nothing good comes easy. With this in mind, here are the steps I recommend you to take in order to get ready for the figure show.

How Much Water Do I Drink?

The Monday before the show, you will start drinking two gallons of water. You will also drink the same amount of water for Tuesday. On Wednesday, make sure you only drink a gallon. Remember, water will make you look “fluffy” on the day of the show. The less water you have in your body, the leaner you will look. For Thursdays, you will only drink a quart. There will be no water on Friday or the day of the show.

How Does My Meal Plan change?

The drinking of water will not be the hardest experience you encounter in order to prepare for the show. Having the meal plan consist of chicken and rice/potato will be what will make anyone go insane. I will tell you that the end results will all be worth it. To prepare yourself for the unexpected, you will want to give up and eat that large piece of cake or have a huge bowl of cookie dough ice cream. As I mentioned earlier, nothing good comes easy. Hang in there. You can do it!

After the night show, when you look at yourself in the mirror and see how your body has transformed into what it is, you will reminisce about all those nights you went to bed thinking you were going to go crazy because you needed to get up first thing every morning and do cardio. All those days you contemplated on quitting, every time you watched a commercial and you started crying because you were carb depleted.

It will all be worth it. Trust me I have been there. Keep in mind that you receiving a trophy or not, will not determine if you are a winner. You did win. You stayed with the diet and exercise program. That is what defines a winner.

Do I Continue The Same Exercise Routine?

Continuing to exercise the week of the show is very imperative in order to continue building muscle and become leaner. You definitely want to look well built and lean but yet feminine. Keep in mind that you should work out until the Wednesday before the show. Working out after that will cause you to look flat on stage, which means the judges will not see any muscle tone.

As far as what body parts to work out, I worked them all. The exercise routine I have for the entire week, I made it shorter. I worked out all my body parts but did less reps and sets.

Do I Need To Tan?

Before tanning, make sure you speak to a salon professional about your concerns or if you are taking any medication. It is very important to tan throughout your preparation for the figure show. You may start tanning 3 days a week, two months before the competition. As far as tanning lotions, usually the more expensive they are, the better they work. I have tried some of the inexpensive products and they are not as effective as the more expensive ones.

Keep in mind to cover your face while you tan. It will not give you tan lines. This will prevent you from aging early. We always want to look our best. The reasons for the tanning are it will help you look wider and leaner on stage. Sometimes, it is all an illusion. Hey, if it works in my favor, I will definitely do it.

What Am I Going To Do The Day Of The Competition?

The day you have been anxiously waiting for and could not stop dreaming about is finally here. You ask yourself do I have everything? Where are my posing suits? Where are my 6-inch heels? Where is my National Physic Card? You may purchase the NPC card at any NPC show.

It is the morning of the show and you have not eaten anything since 8:00 pm last night. You are starving. You may reward yourself by eating a carbohydrate meal with simple sugar. Finally, you may eat something sweet! For lunch, you may have a protein, complex carbohydrate, and a vegetable. You may also have a glass of water. It may not sound like a meal you would want to eat after the torture you have gone through preparing for the show, but after a week of only eating chicken and potato/rice, spinach will sound and taste good to you.

I tell you not to worry. Everything is going to be fine. You have worked very hard to get to where you are and have done a terrific job. You have been disciplined enough to stay on a very difficult eating plan and have been able to get up to do cardio first thing every morning. Congratulate yourself. You are a winner already. Go out there and show everyone what you have accomplished. Stand straight, smile, and be proud. You have done it!

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