How Bodybuilding Can Positively Effect Your Life!

It’s More Than Bodybuilding; It’s Life Building!

How many articles have you read that have given you all of these reasons why you should start bodybuilding and eating healthy? There are many features about all the physical benefits that bodybuilding provides and many more testimonies about how it feels to be strong and ripped that should inspire you to do the same. Every story is motivating in its own way and has an impact on many lives.

It’s About More Than The Body

Something else you will notice about many of these stories is how they feel more confident in themselves, and they have a brighter outlook on their futures. They also talk about how much better other aspects of their lives are. They work harder at their careers and get promotions or they break into the fitness industry and become famous throughout the world.

The point here is that if you choose to let it, bodybuilding can be the avenue that improves your life in all areas. You will notice relationships improve with loved ones, friends, and co-workers as well as bosses. You can also use the confidence from your bodybuilding success to have a positive impact on your community.

What Bodybuilding Did For Me

This is what has happened to me. When I started training in 2003, I was 145 pounds and had no self-confidence whatsoever. I found bodybuilding and challenging myself to improve in the gym every week was what could have that positive impact I needed. It took a long time, but I found the self-confidence I was looking for and starting meeting and exceeding every goal I set for myself in the gym. The positive effects that bodybuilding had were slowly affecting other aspects of my life.

I noticed I had more enthusiasm to tackle other tasks at work and was taking on more responsibilities because I knew I could do it. Bodybuilding taught me to do that. I also developed such a passion for the bodybuilding and fitness industry that I started working at a local gym to help others do the same things I had done and more. Knowing I could positively affect others in my community meant a lot to me, and it would not have been possible without bodybuilding.

After going on to college and graduating, I was working at a home improvement store when I suffered a shoulder injury and couldn’t train. I also couldn’t work, so I stayed home and fell into a depression. Of course, since I was unable to train and depressed, I let myself go. Once I recovered from my shoulder injury, I had realized the damage I had done to myself and vowed that if I could get in shape once I could do it again. So for a second time, I was a beginner.

Last time I was a skinny “hard-gainer” trying to pack on muscle. This time I was overweight and needed to lose body fat. Once again it took time before I started noticing results. Once I did though, I wanted to share this positive feeling with as many people as I could. To do that, I started writing a motivational blog on Bodyspace to not only inspire myself by knowing others would be watching me but also to inspire others that they can do it too.

I applied the lessons I heard from bodybuilding with my hard gainer journey to my weight loss journey and once again, other areas of my life were affected positively. Seeing how I was being an inspiration to others gave me the encouragement I needed to try to break into the fitness industry and eventually led me to become a writer.

Being named Male Writer of the Year led to me being a story on the local news in my area. I also got to take part in the Arnold Classic Expo where many people were telling me firsthand how my story had inspired them to make bodybuilding a part of their lives and thanked me for playing a part in changing their lives. Having this spotlight on me gave me even more confidence and I felt I had to do something else positive with it so I started giving back to another community on a higher level than I had before.

I used to live in a domestic violence shelter with my mom and siblings when I was a kid. Without going into deep detail the situation at home wasn’t good and it escalated to a point that we had to leave.

Knowing there were people like those that worked at the shelter that cared so much about helping others inspired me to do the same even at childhood so I took part in Christmas parties giving out gifts and I would go on to work for the same organization later on after graduating from high school.

What does bodybuilding have to do with domestic violence? Success in bodybuilding gave me the self-confidence to go and tell my survivor story to others and show them that despite having a troubled childhood and dealing with adversity such as domestic violence does not mean you can’t work to improve your future.

I am thoroughly convinced that had I not started bodybuilding I would have not developed the ability to speak out against domestic violence as much as I have. On the other side, had it not been for the Family Refuge Center and its staff that helped me when I was younger, I would have not learned that I can overcome adversity and succeed in anything I want including bodybuilding.

You Can Do The Same And More

Why did I tell my story? I did this to show you that if you choose to work hard enough at it, then bodybuilding can not only lead to changes in your physique.

You can change every aspect of your own life as well as have a positive influence on other lives and in more ways than by bodybuilding alone. With all the positive rewards that bodybuilding offers, how can you not decide to take up what I feel is the greatest sport in the world and start reaping all the benefits it provides?

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