Crazy Bulk Review, Benefits, Stacks & Results In 2020

Ever tried the whole bunch of Crazy Bulk legal steroids? Of course not, maybe you have tried one or two products, but what I am saying is trying each one of them.

In my Crazy Bulk review, I’m going to expose some of the hidden truths about legal steroids and their efficacy results.

I am 30 years old and I always wanted to build my body in a better way.

Not good, not okay, not even awesome, but the BEST!!

I have been studying about the steroids and their legal alternates and also their mechanism of action inside the human body.

In this Crazy Bulk review, I have included the total 24 weeks of hard works, every 8 weeks I used the different stack of Crazy Bulk which is bulking, cutting and ultimate stack for strength.

My Story and Crazy Bulk Results

I have been wasting most of my time playing video games and eating junk! Not to mention, I am a successful web developer which requires me to work from home and yes I am quite happy with it.

What I am not happy with was my body, I gained about 12 pounds in past months and now it’s time I should be really worried about my health and fitness.

And why should I be?

I mean everywhere I go I can’t get attention, I can’t get girls, things were changing for me since I was being clumsy and tired in many aspects.

Well, I never thought about working out and build my body until….

I saw legal steroids being sold which are the same effect as real steroids and the best thing was, they don’t possess any form of side effects.

I have seen some boys I used to know who injected steroids in their flesh. Later on, they were hospitalized for abusing steroids, and now their physique is way worse than they expected.

See the point is, Crazy Bulk is a safe name when it comes to steroids legal alternative. Everyone knows about it except those douches who trusted needles.

Anyways, I consulted with one of my friends who is a hotshot, he is very much into fitness and he knows enough about the safe use of steroids.


He offered me a complete body transformation with intense muscle mass, cutting, and energy.

And that, my friend in only 6 MONTHS.

In the beginning, I thought he was messing with me. but when he started telling me, all of my suspicions were gone…

He proposed me to use Crazy Bulk Bulking stack for 8 weeks, then cutting stack for 8 more weeks and finally ultimate stack pack for 8 weeks.

He also made it clear after 6 months I won’t be needing anything else other than the adequate amount of workout and controlled diet and every demand of my body will be fulfilled.

For a guy like me, the deal was set because I already searched a lot about the Crazy Bulk results, which were, by the way, astonishing.

I also talked to people who shared their reviews, not every one of them replied, but whoever responded was more than satisfied with the results.

Note: I did an 8-week cycle of every stack along with a dietary regimen designed by my own personal trainer and some tough workout routines.

Crazy Bulk Supplements

Before going for my Crazy Bulk results, let me briefly explain each and every supplement that I involved in my stacks.

Crazy Bulk – Best Anabolic Steroids alternative

I used each stack for around 8 weeks, which is 2 months time period for the best outcomes according to the manufacturer.

Every anabolic supplement of Crazy Bulk is a legal alternative to some of the very popular steroids available in the market.

The only problem they are available in injection forms and offers plenty of side effects.

Let’s take a look at Bulking, Cutting & Ultimate Stack supplements.

D-Bal – Legal Alternative to Dianabol

d-bal crazy bulk

Generally used in the Bulking phase, D-Bal is one of the highest-ranking supplements of Crazy Bulk and used by millions of users in the USA and worldwide. The legal steroid is used for faster muscle generation and to naturally muscle increase protein synthesis. Proven to be one of the most effective muscle gainers in the world over, building its reputation over the course of the last 11 years. This legal steroid is famous for its amazing muscle-building properties and bulking proportions making it the must-have supplement if you are on the path to building high quality and hard rock muscles.

The way it works is that it boosts your nitrogen retention and increases your protein synthesis. Muscle building is impossible without protein synthesis – the process that repairs muscles after an intense workout, and the faster this process the faster the muscle gaining.

D-Bal is even better in combination with other Crazy Bulk supplements resulting in even greater muscle growth and insane stamina and energy for an even more productive workout. Thanks to this amazing Buy 2 Get 1 Free offer, combining the right products for the perfect body is now easier than ever. D-Bal works great with Decaduro and Anadrole for more strength, stamina recovery, and energy. This combo will allow you to take full advantage of your workout and build the ultimate beach body.


Taking this product comes with a great bundle of features some of which we already mentioned. Aside from the increased synthesis, this supplement is great for:

  • Fast muscle gain
  • Amazing boost in strength
  • Boost in drive and motivation
  • A better and more effective workout
  • Building a strong and durable body

And the best part is that all this goodness comes with no needles and with a free US and EU shipping. So if you are on the market for big muscles then D-Bal is a must.

Is it safe?

it is probably the most asked question when it comes to supplements. The answer here is yes. Crazy Bulk are manufactured only in certified facilities that are inspected early to ensure only the highest quality and safest ingredients for the best possible effects without any negative outcome for the body.

Shopping supplements on the internet can be tricky so keep a good eye not to fall for some cheap brand offering some unbelievable results in a matter of weeks. Every bodybuilder knows that no matter how good the product, without putting the work required in your exercise, there are no immediate results. So be careful when you read reviews and articles about a brand that offers big muscles in a matter of days with no workout required. Supplements are meant to give you the boost you need, not to do all the work for you.


Going over everything we’ve said about D-Bal we know now safely say that if you are looking for a good boost in muscle growth then you should definitely give it a go. Proven over the course of 11 years to be one of the best muscle building agents, D-Bal still remains to be one of the most demanded bodybuilding legal steroids in the world. For maximum effects make sure you follow your exercise plan without skipping gym sessions or cutting workouts in half. Having the perfect body is all about determination and motivation as well as consistency. Never try to cut corners if you wish to be disciplined and successful not only in bodybuilding but in life in general.

Trenorol – Legal Trenbolone Alternative

trenorol crazy bulk

Trenorol is our favorite supplement, by far. Excellent for bulking, cutting and everything else in between. This product is not so popular among the majority of Crazy Bulk users, for some reason. Possibly because it can not be used as a base, in comparison to D-Bal or Anvarol. Trenorol is more like the supplement that ensures that you get the most out of your Crazy Bulk mix.
The way Trenorol works helps the muscles to store more nitrogen, which will increase protein production. And when your body has more of those two it means you are able to perform much more which can result in you building more muscle mass and cutting your body to make the new muscles pop out real hard.

Though not all of it. Besides the extra nitrogen and protein, you get a boost in the development of red blood cells that will allow more oxygen to flow into your body, releasing your full strength and helping you to max your reps and sets for quicker outcomes. Trenorol is a highly valued replacement. The only drawback, by itself, is that it is not so powerful. To get the full benefit of the muscle-building properties, you need to have D-Bal at hand.


Now is time to list all available features of Trenorol. We already went over the majority of them so you should have a better idea for it can be used.

  • Good for supporting bulking cycle
  • Good for supporting cutting cycle
  • Burning fat without losing mass
  • Red blood cell production boost
  • Increasing nitrogen retention

Both the strength and the weakness of this product lie in the fact that it can be used for everything which is why it’s not recommended as a cycle core.

Is it safe?

Yes, Trenorol is safe to use due to a number of reasons. Crazy Bulk manufactures all its products only in inspected and approved facilities with only the best and the highest quality and safest ingredients. Crazy Bulk is on the market for a very long time and is selling worldwide. For a brand to be able to do that it needs to cover all the rules and regulations of the countries that it sells in.


By now you probably have guessed what the good and the bad sides are. Trenorol is good for bulking and cutting but unfortunately, it’s not great in any of the two. That’s the main reason why it’s not recommended as a stand-alone supplement or a cycle core. It is true that it has some amazing strength boosting abilities and vascularity enhancement. But it’s simply not enough to carry you through your workout sessions and help you build the amount and shape of muscle that you want.

Using Trenorol as support for D-Bal or Anvarol (depending on your goal) is the reason why this formula was designed. But make no mistake, the potential of this item is undeniable. Using it the right way will surely leave a noticeable trace on your body and workout. Trenorol will make your workout more effective and easier. It really is something to consider.

Anadrole – Legal Alternative to Anadrol

Anadrole crazy bulk

Finding the best booster is no simple job nowadays. The market is full of goods that deliver tremendous stamina and strength and stuff of all kinds. But all they do basically is elevate your blood pressure and make you feel uncomfortable. If you are a real bodybuilder and need the right booster then Anadrole is what you need. Stacks perfectly well with other Crazy Bulk Legal Steroids and will give you just the exact amount of strength, stamina and energy boost you need for just the right amount of time without making you feel uncomfortable during your workout.

Anadrole will increase your red blood cells during your workout so that this way they can deliver more oxygen to the muscle, allowing you to tap into your hidden strength and energy and optimizing your muscle growth to the fullest. We all know that when the body does not get enough oxygen it gets tired quickly and thus put an end to your workout. This is something that bodybuilders (especially beginners) all around the world are trying to overcome daily.

Energy is something that is limited and you spend it for all sorts of things during your day. If you are a hardcore bodybuilder then you need a lot of it during your gym session. What you need then is more oxygen for your muscles so that you can do your whole workout without losing sets. If you run out of stamina then you are done for today. This can slow you down in your progression. This is where Anadrole comes in to save the day. It gives you all the stamina and energy you need that will allow you to optimize your performance and work your muscles out to the maximum and thus peed up your muscle growth and progress rate. This works exceptionally well in combination with other Crazy Bulk supplements.

Combining the strength and muscle building properties of D-Bal with Anadrole’s extra stamina and energy, you’ll feel invincible at the gym.

This is something that Crazy Bulk are really good at. They offer you a great line of supplements that work very well together. With their products you get just the right amount of strength and the right amount of energy and stamina for the right amount of time. And this is what you need for an optimal workout session for maximum muscle growth and epic results.


You probably got the idea by now. Anadrole is a great source of energy that can keep you going for longer without making you feel uncomfortable. In general, this supplement is good for:

  • Increasing oxygen transportation
  • Slowing down fatigue
  • Energy and stamina boost
  • More effective workout
  • More endurance during workout

And no matter how much you order, you will always get a free US and EU shipping.

Is it safe?

Yes it is. Crazy Bulk has passed every safety test before it can hit the market in any country. Manufactured in US within certified facility inspected by the authorities every year, to ensure the brand is following every rule and regulation for every country that it sells. This product does not require any injections, it is taken orally.

Crazy Bulk are not to be used by individuals under the age of 18.


To summarize everything we can just say that Anadrole from Crazy Bulk is one great way to boost your oxygen transportation for more energy and stamina. It will allow you to be more effective during your workout and thus, help you speed up your results and build more muscle. It works great in combination with other Crazy Bulk supplements, making them even more effective and productive than if used separately.

Clenbutrol – Legal Alternative to Clenbuterol

clenbutrol crazy bulk

is it time to get ripped and burn the fat? You got it. Clenbutrol from Crazy Bulk is the supplement that will help you reduce fat and make your muscles pop out. Due to its fat-burning properties, Clenbutrol is perfect for both men and women. It’s a must have addition to your cutting cycle for maximum results. If you are on a cutting cycle then you must definitely have this item in your routine.

Clenbutrol has the same formula that celebrities use for their fat burning and cutting cycles before a shoot or a movie. Crazy Bulk has made a lot of research in order to deliver the most highly demanding fat burning and weight loss formula that is both effective and safe. This formula is designed in a way that is both effective and compatible with the rest of Crazy Bulk cutting products for the best possible beach body. So if you wish to lose weight and get into shape then Clenbutrol will surely help you. But if you are out there looking for the maximum cutting setup then you should consider combining Clenbutrol with the rest of Crazy Bulk cutting products such as Anvarol and Winsol.

The way it works is that it boosts your oxygen transportation and increases your body’s internal temperature. That allows you to burn the fat while you exercise. What this does is that it makes your metabolism to work overtime and force it to transform more fat into energy. For maximum effectiveness of this supplement, you must put yourself on the right diet. You don’t wish to burn a huge amount of calories and after workout consume the same amount as you have burned. You need to cut down on the calorie intake in order to experience the full effect of Clenbutrol. This is very important as this is where a lot of people fail when it comes to burning fat. They exercise a lot and burn a lot of calories but forget to limit their diet and end up eating the same amount as they have burned.

If you wish to take your workout a step further and go for the ultimate lean muscle beach body, then consider combining Clenbutrol with Anvarol and Winsol. This way you will not only burn fat but you will also boost your energy, stamina, and strength. All that will allow you to perform a lot better at the gym and do tons of reps. And tons of reps will shape your muscles and make them pop out like a real Greek God.

When it comes to fat burning and cutting cycle, these 3 products are all you need from Crazy Bulk. Get yourself on the right diet and make yourself the right workout schedule. And not before long, the muscles will start bursting out of you. One thing to remember though, in order for this to work you need to have the right weight. You can’t expect to get lean and ripped if you are skinny. Consult yourself with a professional to see if you are ready for cutting and fat burning cycle before you begin. Otherwise, you may only end up wasting your time and money.


You probably get the idea by now but let’s go over the core features of this supplement.

  • Fat burning
  • Boosting metabolism
  • Weight loss
  • Great for cutting cycles
  • Building lean muscle

Time to say goodbye to the fat and the extra cheeseburgers. If you plan to go down the fat burning and cutting road, you must be ready to forget about all the sweet calories for $0.99 at McDonald’s. But it’s worth it.

Is it safe?

Clenbutrol is used by men and women all around the world. So far, for over 10 years not a single case of side effect is reported. Crazy Bulk is manufactured only is certified facilities that are being inspected every year in order to provide only high-quality formulas and results for their customers. Just remember supplements are not to be taken by individuals under the age of 18. Their bodies are still developing and the last thing you want is to interfere with their natural growth.


Clenbutrol is one of the few products that we can say – hands down – it’s great. If you wish to burn some fat and lose some weight then using it will surely help you a lot. If you plan to get ripped and become competition ready then all you have to do is combine it with the rest of Crazy Bulk cutting products and you have yourself the perfect cutting stack that will blow your mind. Either way, Clenbutrol is very effective. In combination with the Buy 2 Get 1 Free offer and the free US and EU shipping, these 3 products (Clenbutrol, Anvarol, and Winsol) are by far one of the best cutting options available on the market at this moment.

Testo-Max – The Natural Alternative To Testosterone

testo-max crazy bulk

Testosterone is the founder of steroids and bodybuilding supplements. Crazy Bulk has made a formula that boosts your testosterone level naturally by using pure Tribulus Terrestris extract. This ingredient contains chemicals called steroidal saponins that boosts your luteinizing hormone levels. This hormone is what decides how much testosterone should be produced in your body.

Testo-Max is a man exclusive legal steroid from Crazy Bulk that contains 45% saponins. It is used by athletes and bodybuilders worldwide for its amazing performance-enhancing effects. You can take your workout to the highest possible level with Testo-Max and boost your strength, stamina, energy, muscles, size and more.

Testo-Max shows it’s full potential when used in a bulking and strength cycle for maximum muscle building and size increasing. Combined with the right clean diet and workout plan you will be able to experience results as you have never even dreamed of. If too early in your workout you start feeling tired and exhausted that might be because your body is low on testosterone. With Testo-Max, your endurance will be through the roof. This will allow you to perform at maximum levels during your whole workout.

Crazy Bulk receives tons of positive feedback about Testo-Max over the last few years. They managed to create one very effective natural legal steroid that requires no needles. The elephant in the room here is that testosterone is a double-edged sword and playing with it you must be extremely careful. There is no doubt that you can get tons of great benefits from it. But if you overdo it you might actually harm yourself. This is why it’s extremely important that you consult yourself with a professional before boosting your testosterone level.


Boosting your testosterone levels can have some great benefits for your workout that you can’t get from any other supplement. Testosterone is one of the most important hormones in the body that is responsible for tons and tons of stuff. The reason why it’s so popular in bodybuilding is because it is directly connected to your muscle and body size, performance and more. As mentioned before, the use of Testo-Max and pretty much any other testosterone booster should be supervised by a professional. Miss use of this hormone can have negative effects on the body. The bodybuilding features and benefits of Testo-Max are as follow:

  • Explosive muscle gain
  • Amazing performance and endurance boost
  • Super strength and stamina
  • Very fast results
  • No needles
  • Enhanced sex drive

There are other benefits associated with testosterone like an improved immune system, better fat distribution, better bone mass and more.

Is It Safe?

Testo-Max from Crazy Bulk is a natural supplement that mimics the effects of Sustanon. The supplement is safe to use but the actual testosterone boosting can be a bad idea if you don’t know what you’re doing. Testo-Max can have great effects on your body and workout but its miss use can cause serious issues. Using any kind of supplements that affect your hormone levels can go either way. This is why it is very important to contact and be supervised by a professional that can tell you when to start, how much to use and when to stop. Crazy Bulk has done a great job at making a supplement that is effective but your safety is now in your hands. Avoid using Testo-Max if you have any hormonal disbalance or if you have any other health-related issues.


Testo-Max from Crazy Bulk is a great and effective legal steroid alternative that can have great effects on your workout. When used with a suitable diet and workout plan you can experience huge muscle and size gains as well as tons of strength, stamina, and endurance. Stacking Testo-Max with other bulking supplements from Crazy Bulk such as D-Bal can have even greater and outstanding results in less than two weeks. Using Testo-Max must be limited and careful as it affects your hormone levels.  May cause issues if miss used. Always contact a professional first.

Winsol – Legal Alternative to Winstrol

winsol crazy bulk

Winsol is a safe steroid alternative to Winstrol coming from Crazy Bulk. Famous worldwide for its amazing performance, strength, stamina, energy and endurance boost. However, there is a critical detail missing here. While Winsol can increase your performance, it’s not really all that good to be used on its own. You can’t really bulk up or get cut with it, you can’t really get the transformation you are looking for just by using this supplement on its own.

Winsol is more of a support supplement that can be used to help you with your bodybuilding workout. It can give you the performance and endurance you need to have a great and fulfilling exercise, but for more rapid results and amazing muscle building, you will need something else to do the main job. With all that said, it doesn’t mean that Crazy Bulk has made a completely useless product.

Winsol can show it’s full potential when combined with some of the best Crazy Bulk legal steroids such as Anvarol and Clenbutrol. This supplement can be pretty good for a nice and fruitful cutting cycle. It can give you the strength and stamina you need to boost your workout performance and it will also help you burn the extra fat. When used in combination with the right supplements you will be able to build great and high-quality lean muscle mass that will leave you staring at the mirror for hours.


Crazy Bulk has made one tricky supplement that can either waste your cash or help you build the beach body of your dreams. The core features of this legal steroid alternative are pretty good when it comes to cutting. Not that great when it comes to bulking.

  • Good for building lean muscle mass
  • Good for burning fat
  • Good strength, stamina and performance boost
  • Good for cutting cycles
  • Not good for bulking cycles

Is It Safe?

Just as we mentioned before, Winsol is a safe legal steroid alternative to Winstrol. There are no needles required, no prescriptions and no known side effects. Crazy Bulk is specialized in making products that are able to mimic the effects of the most powerful anabolics in the world. They can give you the same performance-enhancing properties but without any of the awful side effects. With that being said, Crazy Bulk is not to be taken lightly. Before using any supplements you need to contact a professional and find out if you are allergic to something. For maximum results, you’ll need to use all bodybuilding products with a suitable diet and workout plan.


So let’s break it down. Winsol gives you decent strength, stamina and endurance boost that can help you build the ultimate lean muscle mass. Not all that good when used on its own and pretty much useless for your bulking cycle.

The honest truth here is that you should only get Winsol with your Buy 2 Get 1 Free in combination with Anvarol and Clenbutrol for better performance and a better workout. You also get a bottle of Winsol with the Cutting Stack, but you pretty much never get Winsol on its own since it can turn out to be a waste.

Decaduro From Crazy Bulk

decaduro crazy bulkIf you are getting tired quickly and not recovering fast enough then Decaduro might be what you need. It does not only gives you strength and helps you gain more, but it also increases your endurance, relieves joint pain and boosts your recovery rate. This supplement also gives a boost to nitrogen retention and protein synthesis for faster recovery rate but it also boosts your red blood cell production to help you deal with sore muscles while you gain in muscle and size.

Recovery is very important when it comes to bodybuilding. Being able to recover fast means you are able to get back into the gym faster and be more efficient with your exercise and thus, speed up the muscle-building process.

This supplement is very good for both bulking and cutting thanks to its endurance boost. More endurance means more reps and less fatigue, more reps mean faster gains or faster cutting – depending on the weights you are using and the goal you have in mind. Less fatigue means more sets for even bigger muscle gain or even more effective cutting cycle again, depending on your goal.

In truth, Decaduro is great for combining with D-Bal for massive bulking and muscle gains or combining with Anvarol for ultimate cutting.


Taking Decaduro will boost your workout in a variety of ways all of which will lead to one thing. Better performance at the gym for a more efficient workout and maximum gains:

  • Strength and power booster
  • Faster muscle gains
  • Improved recovery and endurance
  • Improved cutting cycle
  • Joint and tendon pain relief

And just like every Crazy Bulk Legal Steroid, Decaduro is injection free and comes with a free US and EU shipping.

Is it safe?

Yes. Decaduro, same as all Crazy Bulk supplements, this one also has a blend of only the best ingredients combined in a way that is sure to deliver the results you desire without putting your health at risk.

Medicine has evolved much over the years and now brands are able to deliver much more effective products with fewer side effects. Even so, if you are allergic to something, be sure to contact a professional and make sure that the supplement is right for you.


Decaduro is great for boosting your workout in a way that would make it more efficient and effective. With this product’s help, you will be able to recover faster, be more resilient to joint pain and fatigue and ultimately, be able to gain more muscle mass and get the body you have always wanted.

On the offside though, Decaduro is not so effective on its own. Using it alone without combining it with D-Bal or Anvarol for instance, will not give you the full benefits of the product and you will not be able to tap into the supplement’s full potential. So keep in mind if you plan to use Decaduro. If you are just looking for some extra recovery and endurance boost then using it on its own is ok, but if you wish to gain a full advantage for maximum results, then try to combine it with other Crazy Bulk items and you will surely see a difference.

HGH-X2 from Crazy Bulk

crazy bulk hghHGH-X2 are legal steroids from Crazy Bulk that stimulate the production of the so-called Human Growth Hormone. Growth Hormone is naturally produced by the body and is responsible for many things. Everyone knows the production of HGH decreases with age but it’s bodybuilding and weight loss effects are well known in the bodybuilding community. HGH boosts your muscle growth, forces your body to burn more fat, helps you recover faster between workouts and more.

You may have heard that using extra Human Growth Hormone is bad for your body and this is true. Injecting extra amounts of this stuff into your body will cause huge disbalance and probably harm you. However, this supplement is not an external source of Human Growth Hormone. This supplement is a blend of the right amino acids that stimulate your body’s Human Growth Hormone Production. With that said, it is crucial to follow the right usage of 2 months on and 1.5 weeks off and not to abuse this supplement. Also HGH-X2 should not be used by people under the age of 18.

HGH-X2 from Crazy Bulk is most effective when used in a cutting cycle. During a cutting cycle, you are primarily focusing on shaping up your body, burning fat and making your muscles pop out nice and clear. With HGH-X2 in your cutting cycle, you will be able to build high-quality lean muscle, burn even more of the extra fat and recover much faster after all the reps needed for a proper cutting cycle. With HGH supplement you will be able to reach the desired body much faster than you would otherwise.


One of the best supplements in the market for reaching your desired body fast and with great quality. HGH-X2 is one very effective formula of amino acids designed to activate the pituitary gland into producing more Human Growth Hormone into the body for:

  • More lean muscle
  • Faster recovery
  • Extra fat burning
  • Tons of energy and stamina
  • Massive endurance

HGH-X2 has quickly grown to be one of the most popular HGH boosters in the world for many reasons. It can be an excellent compound to your cutting cycle and add tons of benefits to your workout.

Is It Safe?

As mentioned above, hormone disbalance is generally a bad idea. The good thing about HGH-X2 is that is not an external source of HGH. It’s a formula designed to boost your body’s production of this hormone. Even so, this product should not be taken lightly and should most definitely not be abused. Everything else still stands. All Crazy Bulk products are manufactured in professional facilities to ensure the maximum balance of safety and effectiveness.


Crazy Bulk has managed to forge another winner in the form of HGH-X2. Just the right balance of amino acids to produce the right amount of Human Growth Hormone you need to boost your muscle growth, fat burning, recovery time and stamina for the perfect body. If you are looking for something to support your loads in your cutting process and feel confident using HGH-X2 then you should certainly give it a go. Combined with the right diet and workout routine you will be able to reach your goals in no time.

For maximum effectiveness and even better results, consider using this supplement in combination with Winsol, Clenbutrol and/or Trenorol. Stacking supplements is something very common with bodybuilders in order to boost performance and gain even bigger and better muscles. One thing to keep in mind with stacking is that it is strongly recommended to stack only products from the same manufacturer. This rule applies to HGH-X2 and all other Crazy Bulk legal steroids.

Anvarol from Crazy Bulk

Anvarol crazy bulkNo doubt, strength, and energy are the most significant part of any bodybuilder’s workout. Without them, results can be significantly delayed or even missing completely.

This is, unfortunately, very common among the young bodybuilders who are yet to begin the transformation. They get tired and don’t have the energy to take full advantage of the workout. And as a result of that, transformation comes later with them. And that is the reason why many young enthusiasts quit at a very early stage and almost never go back to bodybuilding again.

Luckily, there are quite a lot of products out there that can fix that problem for both new and advanced bodybuilders experiencing the deficit of strength and energy. One of those products out there is Anvarol from Crazy Bulk.

Anvarol uses high-quality natural ingredients to increase the phosphocreatine of the user That delivers a quite powerful burst of energy and strength that can keep your muscles going longer and harder. All of this at the end can give the cutting physique you have always wanted. So if you are looking for extra energy and are suffering from fatigue and get tired too quickly, then you should consider trying Crazy Bulk’s Anvarol. Very well known on the market for its energy burst potential, this product has helped countless bodybuilders in extracting maximum usefulness from their workouts. If you are still having second thoughts about bodybuilding products, you need not fear. The market has evolved so much in the last few decades around the idea of safe and effective products that pretty much all of them use only natural ingredients and are completely safe to use while still being effective.

No needles, no prescriptions, and no side effects, that is the power of the natural ingredients. Now you have the option to boost your energy and really take your workout to the next Crazy Bulk has been in business since 2004 and has been rising ever since and is now one of the market’s most successful bodybuilding brands. The products are very well known and effective and are being used daily by bodybuilders all over the world.


Anvarol is one of the best supplements on the market when it comes to cutting and lean muscle building. Taking Anvarol comes with a lot of benefits such as:

  • Energy and strength boosting
  • Lean muscle and toned physique
  • Improved muscle density and hardness
  • Better vascularity
  • More phosphocreatine synthesis

All this is what you need to develop your dream beach body. There is a reason why Anvarol is Crazy Bulk second best-selling drug and that’s because it’s great at what it does.

Is it safe?

Anvarol is used by people all around the world for over 10 years now and there is not even a single case of any side effects. There are no needles or prescriptions required and the effects are truly amazing. If you’re planning to start your cutting cycle then Anvarol is probably one of the best options out there. Especially when combined with the Buy 2 Get 1 Free deal from Crazy Bulk. However, the general rule still applies – Supplements should not be used by individuals under the age of 18.


Anvarol is truly one of the best cutting products on the market. The only downside is that if you lack the required weight to begin a cutting cycle you will waste your time and money. Anvarol is not quite good when it comes to gaining weight and muscle but it’s a great option when it comes to cutting and making your muscles hard and strong.

Crazy Bulk Stacks

For an ideal body shape with the true amount of strength, Crazy Bulk is offering 3 main stack package, which I purchased directly from their official source.

The discount saved me some money, which I spent on buying a pair of Nike for the gym.

The stacks are of three different types

  1. Bulking Stack (For maximum muscle mass)
  2. Cutting Stack (For chiseled shape body and fat burning)
  3. Ultimate Stack (For enhanced Strength and Power)

Crazy Bulk Bulking Cycle –First 8 Weeks

Right after three days, I got my package, and I was ready to go!

Eight weeks of bulking cycle

I adopted a diet plan which acquires me to take extra calories per day with the perfectly proportioned nutritional requirement.

This involves protein, carbs, and fats, much of which portion of protein intake is due to the bulking process requiring the full amount of protein to create muscles.

The Crazy Bulk Bulking Stack contains these four powerful anabolic steroids

  1. D-Bal
  2. Trenorol
  3. Testo-Max
  4. DecaDuro

Now, these four agents are the legal alternate of Dianabol, Trenbolone, Deca Durabolin, and Testosterone.

For those who don’t know, these four compounds are the most powerful bulking agent, but unfortunately, they have some harsh side effects, due to which the legal alternates are the best choice.

From the scale of 1-5, I will give Bulking Stack of Crazy Bulk 4 in terms of efficacy and 5 for safety.

Anyways, the first week went by, and so far, there isn’t a sign of any effects only that my junk cravings were subsiding.

I thought that was because of the daily routine that I started.

After nine days, exactly, I began to notice remarkable changes, especially an enhanced amount of energy that made me workout like a beast.

In 3 weeks is started noticing changes in my muscle mass, the pure mass began to develop at biceps, chest, and shoulders.

I started doing extra pushups and lift extra weight.

Just after a month, I could feel these changes in me. I had the maximum amount of energy available in my body

  • I was stronger than before and could lift some serious weight
  • My muscle definition was being re-programmed. I spent many months only sitting and doing work, so this phase was a bit tough but satisfying for me.
  • My body shape was being transformed
  • I was mentally alert and focused

At the age of 17, I started my first workout, which I pursued for about a year.

The bulking stack delivered some very incredible effects that it made me feel like younger again.

Doing tough workouts became part of my routine, and I got much stronger, physically fit, and energetic.

In the last 2 weeks, I notice some heavy muscle mass put up.

I used to weigh around 158 lbs, but now I am 176, the muscle mass wasn’t the only thing that I gained.

The fat reservoir which was present too.

Right after 8 weeks, I began the next phase, which was cutting cycle.

Crazy Bulk Cutting Cycle – Next 8 Weeks

Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack got me these four powerful supplements

Eight weeks of cutting cycle
  1. Anvarol
  2. Clenbutrol
  3. Winsol
  4. Testo-Max

With the Cutting Stack, I once again adopted another diet plan that requires me to cut 700-750 calories per day.

Every dose from the cutting stack supplement worked on me by burning the fats inside and convert it into the energy which I could utilize in many ways.

I burnt the maximum amount of fats, and at last, I could see my abs’ appearing!!!

The purpose of the Cutting Cycle is to preserve the lean muscle and eliminate unwanted fats lying on the upper layer of your muscles.

The appearance of my muscles was being re-defined and it felt good.

The first 4 weeks were outstanding in terms of getting maximum results.

The remaining 4 weeks were hard when you ask about doing a workout while you have already burnt plenty amount of calories.

My physique was entirely changed at the end of 7 weeks of the Cutting Cycle.

I used Crazy Bulk Cutting Stack and it delivered me the following results

  • Complete fat obliteration
  • Development of lean muscle mass
  • Stronger and Improved body size
  • Enhanced Libido
  • Gave me a body which now instantly grabs attention
  • I am mentally way more active than I was before
  • No Side Effects

After Cutting Cycle it was the time for taking this process step ahead.

I am talking about EXTREME MUSCLE MASS AND MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE which a man these days supposed to have.

I was 8 weeks away from getting a physique like I always dreamed of.

So is started using Crazy Bulk Ultimate Stacks

Crazy Bulk Ultimate Stack (Strength Pack) – Last 8 Weeks

Crazy Bulk Ultimate Stack provides you 6 different kinds of supplements which comes with a package.

Eight weeks, Ultimate Cycle

Now it’s your choice if you want to use all of them or 3-4. Me?

I used four which are

  1. D-Bal
  2. Clenbutrol
  3. Testo-Max
  4. Anadrole

Yes, I know these have been used during the cutting and bulking phase, but again, this is the whole point.

Once you achieve a good maximum, you only have to maintain it so you can target the bigger results.

Ultimate Stack as it sounds is a greater stack of Crazy Bulk, which boosts not only your current body performance but also boosts your body’s ability to put on some more mass.

While using Ultimate Stack I notice a big change in my personality.

My confidence level was reaching the sky and there was no girl who left home unimpressed.

The strength in my body was remarkably boosted and my workout skills got elevated.

My diet plan wasn’t that much strict, I was allowed to have a cheat day each week, and I was reducing my body fat percentage every day.

Benefits of Crazy Bulk Ultimate Stack

  • Fast muscle recovery
  • Enhanced protein synthesis
  • High-Performance level
  • True Stamina
  • Boosted endurance level

My Crazy Bulk Results

When I started with Crazy Bulk bulking cycle, I was 158 lbs, which gave me an additional 18 pounds, after which I did my cutting cycle and ultimate stack.

In these 3 months, I got my weight managed, and now I am 163 lbs and that my friend is pure lean mass.

Crazy Bulk Before and After Results After 24 weeks!

Choosing D-Bal and bulking cycle was most beneficial for me, which gave me a healthy and bulky physique.

Losing fat wasn’t hard with the cutting and ultimate stack, which almost eliminated every trace of unwanted fats attached.

  • Much Healthier and Stronger Physique
  • My performance is Athletic now, I have more vigor and intense amount of energy.
  • My confidence level is highly elated, I prefer much nicer clothes now with nicer chicks.
  • Any tough physical task, I can perform it efficiently and easily.
  • My arms are way bigger now which looks good
  • I have ABS, which is amazing. All I need is summer now!
  • It didn’t let the side effects enter into my body, the formula is completely and 100% safe!

The feeling is great, I am physically and mentally changed and I must give me all credits to Crazy Bulk legal steroids, which helped me at my worst times and helped me transform like this.

If you are someone who tried every other option available online and still is not satisfied with the results.

I must recommend you to at least try a single Crazy Bulk Stack so you can feel the difference.

It’s all junks what we see and buy online knowing nothing about the dealers and their source.

I read all about Crazy Bulk and believe me the company has a reputation in the supplement industry.

World-class bodybuilders, fitness trainers, and athletes are endorsing supplements which helped them with their physical and performance issue.

Crazy Bulk Pros and Cons

Although Crazy Bulk steroids gave me some of the best life-changing results, when it comes to any product’s review, the user got to share the right information for future buyers.

So here I go


The effects are strong but could be stronger

Some people say the dose in some Crazy Bulk supplement is a bit low which needs to be available in larger doses.

  1. I say the doses are okay because the results appear after 1-2 weeks, which is because the body is accepting the anabolic effects.
  2. It would be dangerous to increase the dose of each ingredient, but nevertheless, it is counted amongst the cons of Crazy Bulk Steroid.


Crazy Bulk is available at a high price, but it is not higher than some of the advanced steroids which get you lethal adverse effects afterward.

  1. The Bulking and Cutting stack can be purchased at $450-$600 price range.
  2. It would be good if the price is cheaper, but at the end of the day, you get what you wished for.


They work!

Just like genuine steroids

This can be the only thing which you want, and it works like the normal steroids which you inject into your flesh.

Crazy Bulk steroids use the altered anabolic formula, which mimics the same effect by providing no harm at all.

  • Cheaper than the Steroids: The real steroids, which are used with the needle, are available at a very high price range.
    Crazy Bulk steroids are much cheaper and affordable.
  • Safer: The majority of the ingredients in Crazy Bulk legal steroid extracts from the herbal sources, which makes them sound even better.
  • Gains are NOT Temporary: The effects are permanent, and they won’t go after weeks like in case of many false steroids which provides temporary results. It’s been just a month for me, and I am only doing sets of exercises.
  • Fast Delivery: The package is delivered anonymously, which is a great stunt for not disturbing the privacy.


Of course, you need to design a diet plan, or if you can’t do it ask your trainer about see the online tutorials.

It won’t be a wise choice to use all these supplements with intense workouts and end up with loads of junk.

You need to be truly dedicated if you want to transform yourself.

Where Can You Find Crazy Bulk Legal Steroids?

The online website of Crazy Bulk is available 24/7 which is the only source you can get the genuine variety of legal steroids.

I might not have provided every piece of information regarding every supplement,

but here on the Crazy Bulk official website, you can find every single bit of information about the best steroid alternatives.

You Can Ask

Q1: Are these real steroids?

A: No, they are not.

They only mimic the effect of anabolic steroids and the natural ingredients only assist natural body phenomenon to build muscle and burn fat.

Q2: Do I need to workout with these supplements?

A: Sure you do, no one builds muscle by only having supplements.

You need to lift real weight and put your body under pressure to extract the best shape out of it.

Q3: Can women use Crazy Bulk supplements?

A: Yes they can, Winsol, Anavar, and Clenbuterol can be used by both men and women as a powerful fat burner.

Q4: Will i gain weight after stop using them?

A: You will only gain weight if you stop working out entirely and go back to the same old routine like mine.

The muscle gains are permanent, but even then you can gain fat based on what kind of diet you have.

Q5: Which is the best product for Bulking and Cutting phase?

A: Every supplement that I used are the best in terms of their mode of action.

But still, I might choose D-Bal for bulking and Clenbutrol for cutting purposes.

Q6: Are crazy bulk supplements safe?

A: So far, I haven’t experienced any kind of side effects that appeared in my body, neither in the crazy bulk reviews I saw something like this.

The supplements are safer for use.

Crazy Bulk Results – Should You Buy It?

Definitely! I am not lying here or anything, but I must say that I never regret the decision of buying Crazy Bulk legal steroids stack pack.

Crazy Bulk Bodybuilding Results

Indeed, it improved my physique by giving me real muscles and power before which I almost gave up on myself.

If you don’t see the results within two weeks don’t stop taking them, it would take about a month for the results to show.

Be patient and workout as hard as you can for the best results.

These muscle-building products are not some sort of magical pills that deliver you the muscle gains over-night.

You need to be hardworking and regular, and if you are not financially limited, do all the three cycles, which I did.

Your fitness goals are not hard to accomplish, and there are products available that can help you to get there.

To this day, Crazy Bulk offers the best brand of legal steroids which deliver faster results, which gets you a perfectly shaped physique in 6- 8 months’ time period.

Stressed out of your obese look and flabby body?

Stop wasting time trying these anabolic supplements for once.

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